Check out these videos of me competing and performing.  Utter sillyness!

US Open with Sarah Breck

In 2009 I partnered with Sarah Breck, a truly a talented dancer.  This is our winning strictly lindy improv dance at the US Open Swing Dance Championships.

Tips and Tops Hat Trick Tranky Doo

Kevin St Laurent and I debut the Tranky Doo routine and throw some hats at Lindy on the Rocks in Denver.

Debut of Shake that Thing in Korea

Here is our 1st run of our popular charlestonish routine to “Shake that Thing”.  Awesome cut is by Laura Keat and Mikey Pedroza.  This routine was part of our show in Korea with the Killer Dillers.  What fun!

Lindy Routine with Hot Club Stomp 2006

Here is our 1st group routine, even before we took our proper name as hot club stomp.  I’m dancing with Tonya Morris.  Solomon Douglas plays live with Nina and Naomi on vocals. This was the 1st year of the Jump Session Show.

Tips and Tops “Hit that Jive Jack”

Tips and Tops strike again with a 3rd hat trick routine.  I really enjoyed putting this together.  We won 2nd at the International Lindy Hop Championships Cabaret.  $250!