Shesha’s Rules of Good Dancing

On: September 25, 2010 | Under: Technique

What does Napoleon Feel?

I am a tall white guy so it helps me to create and hold onto universal truths when it comes to good dancing.  I’ve tried on many concepts and suggestions regarding dancing and have boiled them down to a few straight forward rules that I suggest we all live by.  I’ve tried to choose things that are inarguable and therefore certainly true.

1. A good dancer dances to the music.

Though you can dance without music, if you are dancing to music you must let it move you.  For me, following the music is what it’s all about.  Dancing on beat is only part of it.  You should also follow the rhythm, the mood, and the music cues.

2.  A good dancer is centered.

A good place to start is to dance on the balls of your feet.  Control of your balance is key, especially in partner dancing where you and your partner adjust your balance off each other as you move.

3.  A good dancer feels something.

Dance is art, and art is moody.  I think that there are a variety of things a good dancer can feel to sell the dance.  You could sell rhythm, you can sell emotion, and you can sell connection with your partner and or audience, and you can sell energy.  No need to choose, you can feel all at once or even something not on my short list, but you have to feel.

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