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Frankie Manning and Chazz Young lead the Shim Sham

Shim Sham Breakdown

On: October 14, 2010 | Under: Tutorials

The Shim Sham was originally a Tap Dance choreographed by Leonard Reed called The Shim Sham Shimmy.  Swing Dancers got a hold of it and took out the taps.  Swing Dancers everywhere know the Shim Sham as taught by Frankie Manning and his students.  I learned this version of the Shim Sham directly from Frankie [...]

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Hat Trick Shim Sham Tutorial

On: October 12, 2010 | Under: Tutorials

Tips and Tops present their Hat Trick Shim Sham for you to learn and perform.  If you perform the routine, send me a link and we will give you a “T” name and induct you into the Club for Tricksters.  Below is a playlist of the 12 parts as we break it down.

What does Napoleon Feel?

Shesha’s Rules of Good Dancing

On: September 25, 2010 | Under: Technique

I am a tall white guy so it helps me to create and hold onto universal truths when it comes to good dancing. I’ve tried on many concepts and suggestions regarding dancing and have boiled them down to a few straight forward rules that I suggest we all live by. I’ve tried to choose things that are inarguable and therefore certainly true.