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Looking for a list of class ideas for your workshop? The following is a list of classes that I can teach at your next workshop or dance camp. If you want further information about a specific class on this list, or perhaps a class you think I should teach, drop me a line.

How many swing outs does it take to get to the center of lindy hop?
A swing out focus class for all levels. Try to get in early on this new trendy move. (All Levels)

“After Seben” Charleston
Before hip hop there was Lindy Hop, but before that was charleston. “After Seben” is a famous downtown Charleston dance clip with 6 dancers including the famous Shorty George Snowden. (Any level)

Drags and Rags
The other close dance good for the slowest of slow music and the fastest of fast music. Don’t be sweaty when you take this class. (Intermediate+ Active social dancers preferred. Connection and relaxation required. Forget it, Just come.)

Al and Leon Shim Sham
Just when you finally have your shim sham down we throw this wrench into it. Twice as hard and three times as fun. This is the shim sham as done by famous Lindy Hoppers Al Minns and Leon James at the savoy ballroom. (All Levels)

Musicality and Breaks

Learn about the music you love to dance to. Topics are phrasing, timing, hitting the “breaks”, structure, and our famous clapping lesson. Improvisation required. Additionally we will teaching a vocabulary of break moves. (All Levels)

Partner Charleston
Better than solo Charleston because you get to hold hands. This class will cover uptown Charleston patterns that you will love forever. (Any Level)

Battle of the Sexes
In this solo jazz class, guys and girls will learn separate parts of a vernacular jazz battle and then face off at the end. We will be fighting dirty. (All levels, fast paced class)

Eleven Tuck Turns you never knew you knew
The tuck turn is the other big move of Lindy Hop and it never gets enough attention. It’s time we give it the home it deserves. (Int+)

Jump the tracks
Lindy hop is not a slotted dance and we often forget that because of crowded classes. Lets reexamine the momentum of moves and let ourselves go with the flow. (Intermediate+)

Holds, kicks, and slips
Excite yourself with footwork variations timed perfectly with or without your partner. (Int+)

Lindy Combos
Boring name, fun moves. We want to see how much we can push you. (Int/Adv)