For Promoters


I am excited to perform, teach, and judge at your dance event. I’ve prepared this page for you to make your job easier. Let’s talk and customize this to your needs.

Class Menu

Though I am happy to teach as you see fit, I’ve prepared some class titles that you can use as a starting point. Click here for a complete list.

My Rates

Lets talk rates personally but it runs generally like this:

  • I have a full weekend package rate
  • A half weekend package rate
  • An a la carte rate based on an industry standard hourly rates.

Additionally please plan on covering all travel costs, hotel, and food. Full weekend and half weekend rates include performances, judging, and teaching. A full weekend is usually focused on my partner and I and one other couple teaching 10-12 classes each. A half weekend usually includes a large variety of teachers with 6 or so classes each. I’m always happy to accommodate your needs.

Dance Partners

I teach with a variety of partners and by myself. My most common partners are champion lindy hoppers Nikki Marvin, Jo Hoffberg, Laura Keat, Adrienne Weidert, and Sylvia Sykes.

Click here for my partner page with pics and info.

Dance Team

Hot Club Stomp Jitterbug Dancers
If you want to get the most out of your weekend its a great idea to hire other members of my pro dance team Hot Club Stomp. We are currently made up of 4 couples. The more of us you can bring out the more cohesive a weekend we can offer with performances and interactive classes. Our team members are Nick Williams, Laura Keat, Jeremy Otth, Mary Freitag, Mikey Pedroza, Nikki Marvin, Adrienne Weidert and of course Shesha “Tops” Marvin.

Promotional Photos

Click here for more promotional photos to download

Long Bio

Shesha Marvin is the owner of ATOMIC Ballroom.  He is also an instructor, teaching Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa and tap in his popular Sunday Series classes.

Shesha began dancing in 1996 and his first dance instructor was the legendary Frankie Manning.  He continued his training with Audrey Wilson in Orange County, and he credits her with teaching him how to teach.  He began teaching group classes for Memories when they opened before creating and teaching at his own first venue, The Lindy Stop, in 2001.  n 2002 he took over the O.C. Swing Dance Club, and still runs their every-popular Strutter’s Ball on Wednesday nights.  Soon after he began competing with his wife, Nikki, and Shesha currently holds the title of  U.S. Open Lindy Hop Champion.  He is still competing with his current partner, Adrienne Weidert

In 2008 Shesha and his wife, Nikki, purchased the ATOMIC Ballroom.  Shesha and Nikki also found time to give back with their love of dancing – in 2005 they founded the 24 Hour Cancer Dance-a-thon, an event that has been growing in participation and donations every year since its inception.

Shesha’s path as a swing and tap dancer has allowed him to perform all over the globe and in a variety of venues.  He’s the leader of the OC Swing Team and ATOMIC Swing Teams.  In addition to teaching Shesha is a member of Hot Club Stomp, Hot Stomp and Rhythm, Hop Star, Southern Rhythm, and Little Brown Jug. He has performed for music videos like Katy Perry’s music video  œThinking of You,” has danced in the feature film “The 13thFloor.