Dance Partners

I am flexible with who I teach with.  Each of my partners has something unique to offer so choose with confidence.


Nikki Marvin

Nikki Marvin is a super rock star lindy hopper and burlesque dancer who really floats my boat. Though she is my wife she is also a world class partner who allows me unlimited freedom in my dancing. We enjoy getting gigs together because then we can both travel and see the world as a couple. Nikki also dances with and teaches with Mikey Pedroza, AKA Little Brown Jug.


Adrienne Weidert

Adrienne is a life long ballerina gone jitterbug.  She was my long time partner way back in 1997 and we have recently re-joined forces.  We perform together in Hot Club Stomp and we social dance a lot.  Adrienne is a tall dancer which makes us a perfect match making long lines and trowing big air.  She has a lot to offer teaching lindy hoppers how to dance feminine.