Ever since I took my first dance class in 1996, I knew this was for me. I teach weekly classes in Orange County, CA and workshops on around the world. Below are the class descriptions for the classes I teach locally. If you are interested in these series classes, click on the links below. If you would like to know more about the classes I teach for workshops and dance camps, click here for a partial list.

Weekly Classes

Join me every Sunday afternoon at ATOMIC Ballroom in Irvine, CA from 2pm – 6pm as I take you on a dance journey covering Lindy Hop swing dancing over 6 weeks. 2pm is always a first timer’s beginning Lindy Hop class. 3pm is a specialty beginning class covering things like lead and follow technique, musicality and Charleston. 4pm is an intermediate Lindy Hop class, and 5pm is a higher level Lindy Hop class or a vernacular jazz dance such as the shim sham or big apple. You never need a partner and total hopeless beginners are welcome. A new series starts every 6 weeks.
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Join me every Wednesday night at Strutters’ Ball in the city of Orange, CA for workshops followed by social dancing to an amazing live Jazz Swing Band lead by Jonathan Stout. 7pm is a beginning class rotating between 6 count Lindy (east coast swing), 8 count Lindy, and swing Charleston. At 7:45pm I follow up with an intermediate version of the same topic. The beginning class covers the same content each time that topic comes around and the intermediate class always offers fresh content to keep both the student and the teacher inspired.
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